Ghostbuster *04B
Ghostbuster *04B

Do souls have a soul? We do not know and do not even want to know. Cabinets opening on their own and creaking parquet floors rattles the nerves of even the most balanced individuals. Adhere to to your walls our anti-ghost wallpaper and enjoy the tranquility. In short: let the ghosts be ghosts.

Beeline is the recommended adhesive for bonding all your wallpaper.


A wallcovering with a special flame-proof, nonwoven backing, containing a cellulose-polyester fibre blend and coated with a white foam in design. The final product is flameproof; it is classed among „flame retardant“ building materials. After pasting, the wallcovering should be painted with emulsion paints. It is not suitable for outdoor applications.

The wall surface to be covered should be clean, dry, smooth and slightly absorbent. All commercial wallpaper pastes can be used, according to the manufacturers specifications . It is important that only the intended wall surface should be coated with the paste, not the wallpaper itself, because of its high absorbency. The paste should be applied uniformly and not too thickly. The tailored wallpaper stripes should be hung vertically, fitted closely together and corresponding to the relief foam pattern. Any visible air bubbles should be removed using a soft brush or a sponge roll. The edges should be smoothed with a plastic roller. The surplus paste appearing at the edges should be immediately removed with a soft, clean and slightly damp cloth or sponge. When repapering, the foam-patterned layer with the backing can easily be removed from the wall. Any dirt should be immediately wiped from the surface . We recommend using an adhesive made specifically for non-woven wallcoverings.

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53 x 1000 cm
4 days
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50,- €